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The world is online. We help them know Jesus.
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Half the world is online. As of today, that’s over 3 billion people.

And they’re turning to the Internet for answers, for some kind of hope. They’re looking for people who understand and can offer love and support.

So we’re helping them know Jesus (watch Priscilla's story of transforming lives).

Here’s how we do it: we start by telling compelling stories that get right at the need people are experiencing, and we offer hope. Then we encourage them to talk to an online mentor.

We’ve got a team of over 1000 volunteers engaging in spiritual conversations with people all over the world. They’re missionaries in the comfort of their homes, using just a computer, prayer, and a bit of their time.

We come alongside our mentors to train them, equip them with resources, and celebrate what God is doing. Then we challenge them to take their evangelism skills offline into their communities. We also come alongside churches to help them start their own mentoring ministry (learn about church partnerships).

Because the world is online, that’s where we are too. We’re helping them know Jesus, one conversation at a time.

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