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What if you had no one to trust?

No one to listen to your story.

No one who understands.


Millions of people have no one.

They are isolated and alone.


“When [Jesus] saw the crowds, he was deeply moved with compassion for them, because they were troubled and helpless...”

- Matthew 9:36 (ISV)


The crowds — over 20,000 individuals — come to us daily.

With 3.5 billion people now connected to the internet, it's no surprise that many are searching for hope and answers online.

Our websites, serving multiple language groups, attract over 600,000 visitors monthly.

Every month, this sparks hundreds of spiritual conversations, leading to over 15,000 messages back and forth with our online mentors.

We promise to be safe — to really listen.

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The content we produce for our websites (i.e. Issues I Face, The Life) compels readers to connect with mentors. Mentors then use our easy, safe, and secure online application to have conversations with mentees. Our staff team trains, supports, and resources mentors to help them have fruitful spiritual conversations that lead people closer to Jesus.

Mentors introduce the most compassionate person of all — Jesus Christ.

Our team of over 1000 mentors are missionaries right from their homes or offices, using just a computer, prayer, and a bit of their time. Together, they’re reaching people from almost every country on earth — no vaccinations or plane tickets required!

The crowds are getting larger. We need your help!

Our vision is to see 5000 mentors leading one million people closer to Jesus by the end of 2020.

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