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Our mentors are online missionaries. As a mentor, you can walk alongside people on their spiritual journeys: share your experience, provide resources, and help lead people to Jesus – at any time, anywhere around the world. As a mentor, you will invest in the lives of others for eternity, from your own home and on your own schedule. Mentoring is also a great way for your church to help people live out The Great Commission (learn about church partnerships).

Mentor Testimonies

“I felt so inadequate and too old for a 'new' ministry.... but now as I look back, I've been through most of those stages in life now... so maybe God CAN and does still find ministries for older people.”

— Dorothy

“The potential of reaching people who would never come to church is huge…. It has been really cool to get out of my Christian bubble and reach people who are truly lost and hurting and broken.”

— Austin

“I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to do this; but I have discovered that this is something I am more than happy to make time for.”

— Elizabeth

“Mentoring has given me more of a boldness to witness in my everyday life.”

— Sarah

“I have had several people tell me that they decided to surrender their lives to Jesus and asked Him to be their Lord and Savior as a result of our conversations.”

— Julie

“We need to keep in mind that God doesn’t care just about the people in our church, He wants everybody to know Him. The Internet offers us that very opportunity to get to people who would never grace the church door.”

— Vern

Become a Mentor >